shopping trip

“Hon, I’m running to Costco, do you need me to pick anything up??”

2. eggs
3. bread
4. dogfood
5. coffin?!

7 thoughts on “shopping trip

  1. sil loves the tea cozy. if it was some other animal i might not but the sheep is adorable and the white is so appropriate. if i become a tea drinker will you knit me one?

  2. That is so completely crazy. It gives me an image of people trying to find room to store their “bargains” in the attic or garage. “Honey, where’s the extra toilet paper?” “It’s in your casket!” “I checked there already.” “Did you check Mom’s casket in the basement?” Ick…

  3. I wonder if one would fit in my car? LOL I wouldn’t have a problem with buying a casket through Costco. Just that I am unlikely to. Hey if it saves people money more power to them! Terry says he would love to see the neighbors faces when he unloaded on from our car! LOL He is thinking of getting one just to get a rise out of people. I married a sick man! LOL

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