lots of happenings around here lately

Once again I have fallen behind the blog ball and now need to catch up — how about a photo overview?

Most recently we hosted a weekend of double knitting workshops with Alasdair Post-Quinn.  There were two Level 1 groups on Saturday and then a Level 2 on Sunday.  It is a mind bending technique, and Alasdair is an inspiring teacher.  Once everyone’s brains spring back we are going to have a Double Knitting KAL at the shop.  We will feel brainy and have fun all at the same time!


double knitting workshop


with Alasdair Post-Quinn

Although he doesn’t get a lot of bloggy coverage, here is a picture of Nick the evil cat on his way to the vet. He had been having some ‘litter box’ issues which thankfully seem to be solved. Getting him into that carrier was no easy trick I can tell you.

He is shockingly civil about taking his medicine which involves me syringing liquid down his throat!  Maybe he’s really not evil as much a misunderstood?



Umaro is finally off the needles! it’s an easy knit and I have no valid excuse for why the heck it took me as long as it did.  click the picture for Ravelry details.

done at last!


Look what the bunny dragged in

easter bunnies

Easter Surprise!

….. two girls in the same place at Easter!  This hasn’t happened since 2005 which was D#1’s freshman year in college.  Lizzie’s spring break coincided with Easter this year and Caroline made surprise trip home.  It was a really big surprise because she was just here last week and will be back again next week for work related travel.  yay for having all the chicks back in the nest (temporarily!!)