skank trouble

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A few years ago, my good friend Mary pointed out one of my more charming habits. One which I didn’t realize I did, but once she put it into words, I couldn’t deny. You would think that just hearing it out loud would have changed me, but alas no.

So here it is —- even when faced with an undeniable truth, time and time again, I will be surprised, shocked and perhaps outraged. No matter how many times I seem to accept the truth, when faced with it, I will be stunned.

And so it goes with my Jaywalkers done in the Socks that Rock. I knew going into this pattern that there had been trouble. The STR skeins that I purchased at Rhinebeck have 325 yds. This was proving to be not enough for feet larger than a ladies 7.5. (the STR people have addressed this problem and increased the yardage)

Through the glories of the internets and knitting blogs, I was well aware of the likely, nay certain outcome. I will not have enough and should plan on either ¹ordering more or ²doing the toe in a different color and/or yarn (any suggestions?) ,or ³loping off a toe.

Yet still I deluded myself and in fact, continue to entertain a little flickering hope that I will have enough, that I alone will be the exception to the Sasquatch Need Not Apply rule.

I stopped knitting the first sock when I got to the toe decreases and am set to turn the heel on the second sock. I am burning my skank candle at both ends ….. whaddya think? Care to place a bet or give me an idea of what yarn to get?

Also pictured is a finished New Year’s resolution ….. so nice to have an attainable goal. I vowed to organize pictures and notes of my knitting projects. Once that was done, I copied the file onto a disc for good measure. In going through all of my picture folders, what struck me was how many projects I never took a picture of. ~sigh~ The minute these socks are finished a picture will be taken!

10 thoughts on “skank trouble

  1. So there’s no chance you’ll have enough yarn? Hmmm. Sounds like my kind of world of denial …

    Congrats on acheiving a new years resolution! That’s great. :)

  2. First off, you look like you have a TON of yarn left – at least enough to get you to the same place on the second sock. Honestly, I’ll be shocked if you can’t make it. Remember I’m an expert here.

    As far as what color to do the toes – I say black. Do you want me to send you some? I will. In a heartbeat!

  3. Cara should know…

    Congrats on the organizing. I’ve done lots of deleting, myself, in an effort to start getting organized. Too many pictures of too many different things (including the way-most-photographed-baby-in-the-world)… I think I’ll take a cue from you and just concentrate on one subject at a time.

  4. My poor honey! Surprised, shocked, dismayed again!

    I’m grateful that you have that tendency to deny what is in front of you when you don’t want to see it! If you weren’t like that, whatever would you need me for?? Love ya!

    ps–you are not so different from the rest of us—remember it took me up until the time JS was indisposed to even see this trait in YOU!! How many years had we known each other at that point? :)

  5. I found Koigu to be a great finish the the Jaywalkers I made. Just on the toe. Thing is, finding a solid that matches. They will definitely make one, it is just finding someone that carries it. Patternworks carries solids, you might be able to order a couple to decide and send back the others….

  6. Please remind me, when I start my Jaywalkers before too long (since I’m probably going to be one of the last on the bandwagon) to make the cuffs just a little shorter than I ordinarily would.

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