Me & My Guy

there’s a new man in town. He’s fast and he’s smooth.



The Woolee Winder

I am in love with this thing. Check out how much more even my spinning has become. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am – I don’t even want to blog, I want to spin! If I haven’t left you a comment, it’s because I’m spinning – not skimming, spinning.

8 thoughts on “Me & My Guy

  1. I got a WW for Christmas and haven’t really fallen in love with it yet. I had a hard time adjusting the tension on the traddy to keep the thing moving, it’s so heavy! Glad you’re enjoying yours.

  2. De-lurking! Been reading (not skimming) your blog for a bit! Looking back on some of your posts, I think I belong to the same spinning group! SSGLI- small world!
    Cool Spinning!

  3. WOW! Even! Looks like that stuff that lady spun for you to aspire to! Maureen has arranged with Kathy for us to go over there to check out her loom and wheels. I’m looking forward to it!

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