At Last – Winter!

back yardBlizzard_3
front porch


we are in the midst of a blizzard, complete with white out conditions. Perfectly timed for the weekend and husbandly operation of the snowblower. These pictures were taken from the comfort of my house – I simply cranked open a window or two and snapped away.

11 thoughts on “At Last – Winter!

  1. Well, you know me… nice story about the snow, but I’m more interested in that cute chair, that gorgeous wreath and the garland ’round the front door! Love the wash basin, too. ; ) And is that a garden shed — an outbuilding? (I adore outbuildings.)

  2. I am in dire need of a boar with a blower!!! I am crippled. Between the damaged rotator cuff on the left, a damaged elbow on the right and a bad lower back… oye! They shoot old plow horses don’t they?

  3. haha! glad i am not the only princess watching hubby through the window, in my warm slippers and sweater, sipping tea! Setting women back a few decades!( your house is the coziest i’ve ever seen)

  4. We got that snowstorm too…weird winter! Had fun playing outside with my daughter. Other than that, I stayed in (and knit) today!

    Beautiful pictures. I thought about taking some, but didn’t feel like getting the camera before we went out.

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