I must have been

a saint in a previous life to deserve the life I am living now. I think it has become my destiny to be surrounded by brilliant women in bucolic settings. ah me oh my. I suppose if someone has to do it, it might as well be me!

Yesterday was the first of my spinning lessons and it was fantastic! The lady who is giving the lessons is named Peggy E. and I met her through our spinning guild. Further, I am taking these lessons with my friends Peggy and Ricki. If you remember, Peggy bought her wheel at Rhinebeck and Ricki just got her wheel last week. Peggy E. lives much further out on Long Island – so as soon as the kids left for school, we hit the road. It wasn’t a formal lesson as much as it was a guided tour through fiber. Peggy E. had her coffee table filled with all sorts of fibers for us to try – soy silk, angora, merinos, dorsett etc. and as we experienced spinning them, she would explain why. Rather than lecture first, try later – we approached it from the beginning with the hands on and then the this is why. The mantra of the day was that we had to feel the fiberand let it speak t us, that the fiber would let us know how much to spin it, how thick to spin it etc….. that the technicalities would follow the intuitive.

view from the front of the houseSpinning_lessons007
view from the back of the house

Spinning_lessons005 Spinning_lessons009
her fiber studio and a jumble of samples for us to try!

my results of playing with color & texture

would it reveal too many inadequacies in my romantic life to say that this may have been the best Valentine’s Day ever?

13 thoughts on “I must have been

  1. What a fabulous afternoon – I’m surprised (in a ‘wow that’s cool’ sort of way) that she started you through with all those fibers. My experience has been that they try to start you off with the easy stuff first (like Blue Faced Leicester or such)

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