Darlings, I give you my latest spinning result. This began as a jacob fleece that I purchased for some needle felting. Then Peggy E. added some green silk waste and other good stuff. Then I plyed it with a black cashmere single. Then I took it out back and took a semi lousy picture – I wonder what Cara could get it to look like?

I am hoping to have enough yardage to make a vest for Boar. Louise (spinning friend) had a great idea and said at the very least I will have enough to make a vest front and I can knit the back with something else – so the hunt for a pattern is on.

Yesterday was the last of our spinning class. It is hard to believe that six weeks have gone by. Good Grief, time is flying while I’ve been plying! I know my spinning itself has improved, but my spinning confidence certainly has taken a huge leap. I am the boss of my wheel. Prior to this, things were kind of like a roller coaster. Once the wheel was spinning, my feet wouldn’t stop. It all seemed to take on a life of its own. When the fiber would get too thin, I would keep on treadling and start praying, hoping the fiber wouldn’t break. The ride wouldn’t stop. Now I stop and add more. It seems quite simple, but was a true revelation for me!

**those of you who know me personally take note: if you read carefully you will see that I have gotten even bossier. egads.

11 thoughts on “spinning

  1. It looks great! I love the idea of a different back on the vest – you could use a Black Cashmerino or something! I spun last night and it wasn’t the awe-inspiring experience I was hoping for, but I guess I need you for that. ;-)

  2. I had exactly the same thought as Cara — black *something* for the back of the vest. It would look great! You could even do an argyle-ish design and use some of that “back yarn” on the front. Just a thought. I’m good at thoughts…

  3. ooh, that is some yummy looking yarn! i have caught the bug, too, i’m afraid – i’m renting a wheel for a few weeks to try it out before maryland – picking it up tonight!!

  4. I’m envious of your spinning skills. I’m still at the stage of the wheel having a bit more control over me than I would like. I love all the colors in your yarn as well. That’s going to make a great vest for Boar.

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