At long last, a finished project! Our friends just welcomed their first grandchild (yes it’s true, I am now old enough to have friends who are grandmas and grandpas). I made a baby bolero using a Debbie Bliss pattern and baby cashmerino. That yarn is sumptuous. I hit the jackpot at Macy’s and found a darling dress and bonnet to match. Here is a closer look.

Did you notice the metal rimmed tag? It’s an embossed tag saying it is handmade by me – I got the embosser in 2003 from Martha Stewart , I was going to include a link to it but can’t find it anywhere on her site – I don’t think she is selling them anymore.

Beginning today, I will be attending a three day spinning workshop with Celia Quinn. It is being hosted by the local spinning guild – have I mentioned how much I love this guild?

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  1. Gorgeous baby ensemble!

    I remember that MS embosser — I’m surprised she wouldn’t have it available, but I’ve seen them elsewhere, too.

    Have a GREAT weekend — you’ve been having all sorts of fibery fun lately, haven’t you??

  2. You fashionista, you. Lovely gift. I would be honored to receive this specially created gift. You and “Proud Mary” really get around. Are you sure your name isn’t “Runaround Sue?”

  3. OK. That is SUPER. CUTE.

    I also have friends who are having grandkids, and I also just finished a baby bolaro for one of them.

    In other news, did you get the Kipalu catalouge? Did you notice in the back for fall courses – you guessed it! The Yoga of Knitting. I think I already have plans that weekend…. crap.

  4. Hey! Isn’t that my room? ;-)

    Super duper cute – nice score on the dress, and I’m totally and completely jealous you’ll be spinning without me! Have a GREAT weekend!

  5. The little sweater is gorgeous! And I love the tag. It is the little touches that always get me.

    I am jealous of your spinning weekend. I can’t wait to hear the review next week. ;)

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