you people are fantastic …. I think.

has something like this ever happened to you …… let’s say you lose a bit of weight, or you style your hair differently, or you slap on some make up or something. And then you go out in public and people are complimenting you right and left. You look fantastic! Wow!! Fabulous!! and so on an so forth. And more and more people compliment you and it just doesn’t seem to stop.

At some critical point, do you ever start to feel your nose get out of joint? What the hell? you think. I must have looked like complete and total crap up until now. What was I before all of this fawning, before all of these compliments started coming my way?

I suppose it is all my own fault. One too many fry ups, one too many chicken-viking hats. I post a picture of a lace project and get 22 comments!! I guess I can’t blame you guys for not knowing I can knit – really knit – if all I churn out are the comic relief projects.

Thank you , thank you for all your kind comments on the Trellis Scarf ….. and why yes, I have lost weight. And I do have such a pretty face!

I suppose it is not the best time to show you another FO ……

am I squandering my talents?

9 thoughts on “you people are fantastic …. I think.

  1. Neva doll! Your talents are many! Love the color…although that picture doesn’t do it justice. And what the hell is it sitting on? Is that a snowperson?

  2. You look fabulous dahling. And your FOs? TO DIE FOR!

    Fawn, fawn, fawn!

    (I’m having a REALLY bad day so you will need to cut me some slack)

  3. I leave comments all the time, too. I know you can knit. Lace just amazes me though (because I’ve never done it – so when people do lace projects, in my mind they turn into these knitting queens or something because it looks so complicated and I just can’t imagine knitting it – AND there’s the whole k7tog thing which still boggles my mind) – and wow! That was one rambling comment!

  4. I admit that I’m a terrible comment-leaver. I got a good laugh out of the Ann Alert System (or whatever that scrolling business was) because I’m sort of the opposite–I fully read through blog entries, but don’t always comment.

    And, yes, darling, you do look fabulous–with or without the Fry-Up!

  5. I hate that. I really realy hate it. It’s enough to make me NOT change my hair, or lose weight, or put on make-up. I hate hearing the subtext “Wow, you clean up well.” Rrrrgh. Hate it … so … much …

    Silly things are fun to knit. And they do so take talent.

  6. Talent to me, is the passion one puts into something. Your passion is endless and it shows in everything you create.

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