I have been knitting a pair of socks while I ponder my next lace project. This pattern, Dimple Socks is designed by Kristi at Knitting Fool. I love her patterns – they come complete with sock bands for the finished product. That is assuming you don’t fall in love with them and keep them for yourself! : )



the excitement at Chez Swine is building as the Spin Out/In/On/Over/Under is only two days away!! Are you coming?? Did you see the prizes for donating to Heifer??? They are fantastic – everyone has been incredibly generous and Cara has outdone herself!

8 thoughts on “socks!

  1. Kristi is a goddess of fiber, is she not? I know this because (ahem) I got to hang out with her at Estes. Go ahead, be jealous. :P

    I will see you tomorrow, needles, yarn and personal tarp at the ready! :)

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