Here is a picture of my completed Möbius by Cat Bordhi. I am so glad that Rachael linked to this pattern – it is a mind bender! Once you get past the cast on, it goes quickly. I started this on Friday and finished last night. I used Noro Kochoran – it is my first time using this yarn, but certainly won’t be the last.

So how about some helpful tips for that ever so tricky cast on?

  • first off, the directions are well written and it’s one of those times where you should just do what it says and NOT try to figure it out. I spent some misguided time trying to envision what was happening which only resulted in a headache.
  • here is a link to a video clip of the cast on – scroll about ½ way down the page it is on the left side.
  • and another link to an explanation of möbius – that bit about painting it in one color made it suddenly clear to me.

and now for the things the pattern and clip don’t tell you ……..

  • set the yarn up for using the long tail cast on method
  • you will need to make the tail long enough for twice the number of stitches than the pattern says – so it calls for 80 stitches, make that tail with enough yarn for 160 stitches.
  • in the directions when it tells you to put the yarn over your index finger use the strand that is going to the tail and not the strand that is going back to the skein.
  • when you get to the end of the cast on, you will wonder how that last stitch will stay put. If you read further in the pattern, it says, knit the first slip knot, then the next 79 stitches and then it says to knit into the double strands of the next stitch (this is the motion that anchors that last cast on stitch)
  • if you don’t trust that, like I didn’t, when you get to the end of the cast on, simply tie a little hitch in it with the yarn that’s left in the tail.
  • and one more thing – when you get to the end of your cast on, slide all of the stitches along until they get to the other needle before you place your stitch marker. This means that the right hand needle (the one that gets the stitch marker) is your working needle.

Mine came out less ‘shawly’ and more ‘scarfy’ than either Rachael’s or the one pictured with the pattern. I am hoping that it will expand with wear and am also reminding myself that in the middle of August I don’t want it wrapped around my neck, but will have a different opinion come January. I also went down a needle size with the Noro and that definitely has something to do with it.

If however I wanted it bigger, it occurs to me that the answer would not be in knitting more rows, but in casting on more stitches – so if you are using a tighter gauge yarn bear that in mind. I believe it is an 8 stitch pattern, so you would need to increase the stitch count in increments of 8.

10 thoughts on “Möbius

  1. It looks like a cloud! I have fondled that Kochoran so many times — this is a great use for it!

    Oh, my mind… it’s bending in ways it NEVER has before. I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same. ; ) Thank you for all your help so far…

  2. That is really gorgeous. I’ve been meaning to give the mobius thing a try, and you’ve made it easy with all the helpful links and tips – Thanks!

  3. Hi Ann:

    Love the little moibus. i really enjoyed her two socks on …. book. I just got Home from the Mivhigan Fiber festival and as you raved about socks that rock I bought myself a skien before everyone else could suck the skiens out of my hands. The festival was wonderful

  4. I love your moebius. I made one years ago, when I just started knitting and it didn’t strike me as unusual. I wonder how difficult it would be now with more experience under my belt.

  5. Hey I just made the mobius after seeing Cat on Knitty Gritty! It is so fun.

    There is one thing in your directions that is weird though. I made a slip knot with a little tail. Then I used the yarn going to the skein to cast on. It works fine that way too.

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