Rhinebeck – The Fiber

Before the trip, I took stock of my stash and made a solemn vow to NOT BUY YARN. I made good on that pledge and am quite proud of my restraint.

I also decided to try and buy rovings that pushed my color palette. When it comes to choosing rovings, I have to remember that colors which may seem too bright in roving form, will look lovely when they are spun. So without further ado ……

cloverleaf farms
blue face leicester

Shadeyside Farm
fine wool top

Maple Row Stock Farm
border leicester

Abi’s Web

indigo moon farm

17 thoughts on “Rhinebeck – The Fiber

  1. ooh that cloverleaf BFL was in my hands but i ended up grabbing another color because i’ve been a little too obsessed with oranges,etc. lately. i should have gotten it anyway.

  2. Just beautiful. Such restraint too. I can’t wait to see these spun up and as I told you at Rhinebeck, the last one can always double as one of those rainbow wigs, albeit a very fine one.

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