with apologies to FA in PA …. fuck.


I hate when this happens. I hate when fancy, high priced yarns have ties in them, but even more than that, I really hate it when fancy, high priced yarns have areas of color breaks in them. There is a reason to pay the extra $$ for fancy yarns – and color breaks ain’t one of them.

take a look at these pictures …… in the second one, I have circled what I am talking about. I think I should rip it out, but the question is, how far. The color break closest to the needles has got to go, but what about the rest? Does it matter that this is the back of the sweater?

Pb220006_1 Pb220006_3

Pb220007 Pb220008

19 thoughts on “with apologies to FA in PA …. fuck.

  1. Okay, I’m a little bit of a dyeing dunce, but these color breaks are where the hank was tied — perhaps a bit too tightly — and the dye didn’t penetrate all the way (or maybe at all). Is that right? It’s only going to get worse, isn’t it? But what are you going to do differently if you rip it? Cut and tie? Won’t that screw up the colorway flow thing?

  2. Grrr. That really sucks. I was once making a pair of socks (can’t remember what yarn, but it wasn’t bottom of the barrel yarn) and coming across at least 5 knots/ties in a 20 yard stretch. This does not work well for socks! Its inexcusable.
    not sure what to tell you though I’d personaly just keep going and not rip.

  3. It is so beautiful! I am not a perfectionist or experienced knitter- so I would just continue.But, it really does suck when you pay so much and expect better. Will this bug you forever if you continue?

  4. I am cursing in solidarity with you, my sister. I REALLY hate it when pricey yarn is crappily produced.

    If it’s going to bug you (and only you can judge that), then rip it and sort out a fixing method. Otherwise, carry on and send them a Really Nasty Letter.

    Hope tomorrow’s turkey brightens your week!

  5. doh. that sucks. rip back to where you can stand it and use two different yarns. it may still do something funky though. such is the way of handpainted yarns. sigh. i liked the look of the kimono wrap better…just saying. how about another table runner, i mean clapotis.

  6. You reminded me of a project a while back – the same thing stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t decide what to do, so I tossed it aside. Whatever you do, don’t do what I did…nothing!

  7. i think it looks fine but then I like pooling :)

    I once made a sweater with Rowan Calmer…pricy, high end yarn with 4 knots per skein! (and you know having extra ends to weave in cotton is sooo fun!) When I contacted Rowan they told me their quality control “allowed” for 5 knots per skein!Sheesh!

    I’ve always meant to ask, do you do all the little swine cartoons? I love them!

  8. As disappointing as it is, I say leave it. It is still beautiful. It doesn’t look like a bleach spot or damage. To me, things like that give it “character”. AND YOU are a character. Perfect match! Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Honestly? I didn’t even see them until I saw what you had circled. Having said that, I’d recommend getting rid of the one closest to the needles and ignoring the others. (But if you find you can’t ignore them — this would involve letting the thing sit in time out for a while while you mull it over — then frog.

  10. Novice that I am, even I cannot STAND when yarn is tied together. I don’t tie my yarn on mid-row and am careful to add new skeins at the beginning of the row and weave it in. It surprises me every time! There oughta be a law…

  11. Sharpie® baby, Sharpie®! That or a dab of orange Kool-Aid® and problem solved. Then write a nasty gram to the manufacturer.

    PS: I’ve got a blog now! Not much there yet, but it’s a start.

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