Last night’s knitting was a watershed moment for this sweater. I finally made it past the mark where I had to rip the first time. Of course, there were other rips that came between that first one and this. At last, I have made up all that lost ground.

I don’t know if I even like this freakin thing anymore. I think there has been way too much togetherness for me and this project. Familiarity breeds contempt and all of that.

But I swear to all things fibery, I will see this through to the end!

that was the knitter’s equivalent of a Scarlett O’Hara moment ….. but instead of red Georgia clay, I am clutching a wadded up ball of fiber and some needles in my fist. I am so intent on my vow that my palms start to sweat and I end up felting that holy skein. gaddammit – now I am going hungry and I am have just ruined some perfectly good yarn. Melanie is going to kill me. oh wait, is she dead?


I am working extra days at the shop – today and tomorrow. Here’s a weird little tidbit ….. on Monday, every gauge I measured for various customers came out to be 6 rows/inch. how does that happen?? Naturally I thought it was me and rechecked all of them.

nope – 6 rows/inch.

hey Cara, when you called last night to talk about your new project, weren’t you also getting 6 rows/inch?

6 thoughts on “6666666666666

  1. I have a sweater in a bag somewhere that I ahd similar problems with. I am with you on the familiarity breeds contempt, whenever I have had to rip something several times I end up not sure if I like it. But keep going you’re nearly there, it looks good.

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