Thank you for all your kind wished on my MiL’s behalf. It turns out that her broken wrist is a god send. During the stress test, her heart rate went even lower and so today she is getting a pace maker with the wrist surgery now set for Thursday. Her fall was most likely due to her low heart rate and it is damn lucky that she was only on the bottom rung of the ladder and not the top, nor behind the wheel of her car ….. countless horrible scenarios.

And now for some earthly delights ……

good things in the mailbox!

Here we have color cards from Beaver Slide and a package from Margene!! The color cards were in the weekend’s mail and the box was waiting on my front porch when I got home from work last night.

I was all set to tear into it and then remembered Cara’s pictures of herself, a birthday package and the daily newspaper during her birthday countdown last year. So I restrained myself. Unfortunately, I only have a weekend susbscription to our newspaper, so how about this for my countdown instead? ; )

**my calendar is generated by my palm pilot. I really don’t celebrate Roosevelt’s birthday …… I swear! now I have to run along and go walk Fala.

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  1. eek! glad they found that out about your MiL now before something worse happened. :( Scary!

    I think you secretly celebrate Roosevelt’s birthday! you are just trying to trick us. ;)

  2. I’m so glad your MIL is going to be all fixed up soon! It is too bad she had to break her wrist to get the heart rate stuff fixed, but indeed the situation was preferable to many other scenarios.

    It looks like a great countdown is shaping up!

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