Update: the meeting went astoundingly well. Everyone agreed that D#2 is a stellar student. Everyone agreed that she truly did not understand the assignment – that more than simply translating Macbeth into modern language, she should also have updated it to modern scenery, situation etc. This type of assignment would have needed no citations. Because D#2 simply translated it to modern language, hers was a very technical translation. Both the teacher and principal have explained that such a technical translation would have needed citations even if that translation only used the textbook. But they further agreed that D#2 honestly thought the assignment didn’t require citations and that the whole thing was simply a big mix up in communication. The end result is D#2 will do the assignment over. I do not know what will happen with the other four students also accused. Now I am left with the feeling that good! D#2 will not be penalized, but with the lingering suspicion that in fact I may have plagarized my way through college. shh ~ don’t tell.

thank you thank you for your encouragment yesterday. I have an appointment this morning with the principal and guidance councilor and hopefully this incident will be over by the afternoon. I told my FAinPA that I must need some therapy to resolve guilt issues surrounding confronting teachers. : )

Can you believe I actually have some valid knitting content? Something beyond I’m still knitting the stockinette nightmare? Well it’s still stockinette, that hasn’t changed. Remember that I told you I was following another pattern design for the sleeves? I realized that although I like the shape of those sleeves, that I want more ease than the pattern allows. I knew I could make adjustments through my mad mathematical skillz but I also remembered that I have this. Knitable is a knitting program for your PalmPilot or any pda. I have had it for years and first got it to keep track of my needle inventory. I have never used any of its other features – until yesterday! It has an application that will figure your rate of increase or decrease given your gauge and the measurement.


I wonder what other tricks it can do?
but let’s not let the pda have all the glory ~ oink!

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  1. It gave me a headache just reading about that assignment. Thank God I didn’t go to High School in New York! LOL I never would have graduated. Glad all is resolved.

  2. Thanks for the meeting update. I’m glad it’s all resolved. And as for your college career, I wouldn’t fret over that too much. I think the statute of limitations has passed.

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