A pork report apology ……. yesterday’s picture was taken with a dying camera battery that would not allow a retake. I would like to tell you that once it is charged I will post another shot, but we all know that’s a 50/50 proposition. Today’s pitcure was taken a week or so ago.

Darlings, the exciting news (besides the gender identifications of my vehicles) is a Robin Russo workshop! I will be delving into the exciting and mysterious world of goat fibers today! My spinning guild – have I mentioned how fabulous it is and how everyone should join?- is hosting a fun filled workshop weekend. Unfortunately I am only able to participate in today’s topic on goat fibers. A friend of D#2 wondered if there was that much to know about goat fibers …… ha! foolish, callow youth.

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  1. Today’s piggy is a BEAUTY! and gender shmender as long as you like your cars :) Have fun with the goats they sure have some fabulous fiber

  2. I swear, Ann, your spinning enthusiasm is so infectious, I just might have to get over my whiny-assed attitude (“but I caaaaaan’t spin! I have no hand-eye coordinaaaaaaation!”) and have another go at your wheel. (Notice how I just invite myself to use your wheel. I know you feel the love. :)

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