Let’s start with a FO. I finished my % Sweater Project and wore it to work yesterday. If you remember (and if you don’t, don’t worry it’s not you it’s me – it’s taken forever to finish this project!) this was the no-pattern sweater. I took my gauge, took my measurements and started knitting. After wearing it yesterday, I do believe I will rip this back a bit to tweak the neck. For a change I knit something that it too big! It is a bit baggy right above the chestline, kind of on the outside edge of the armpits. This is somehow all related to the rate of raglan decreasing, but I have to mull it over to see what to do differently. Also, I thought I would really like extra long sleeves. Maybe what I would like is just long sleeves. That extra was a pain in the ass all damn day. So I will actually take a scissor to the sleeves and cut out about an 1″ and then graft it all together again.

Of course, all of the above will happen on some glorious mystical day in the future. Probably when I do, there will be pigs flying outside of the window and a unicorn grazing in my front yard. So here is a particularly lousy picture which shows off none of the aforementioned defects.


Once a project is off the needles and I am onto another project (details on that tomorrow) I tend to not revisit the finished thing. And this sweater is wearable. But I really do want to figure out the raglan shaping so I will gather knitterly opinions and do a bit of research.

ETA: here is a copy of the reply I sent to Carole’s comment. Despite all my knit-picking, I do consider this project a success.

thanks Carole – I am happier than I managed to convey in my post. This project marks the first time I have taken seriously the relationship between gauge and measurements. In the past I have simply sailed into projects thinking, ‘Oh, I’ll just knit the XL, that should fit’. this approach has been a real crap shoot and has usually ended in tears and recriminations. It has been a real eye opener for me and has made me realize that math really can be my friend!

You are all very lucky that I am not the sensitive type. Otherwise I might think that your silence regarding yesterdays’s lack of pork reporting to have a deeper meaning.

Ann’s brain: Perhaps they don’t like the pigs? Could that possibly be true??

Nah! who doesn’t like pigs? they probably just didn’t notice since they were overcome with jealousy about the goat fibers and were struck dumb by the beauty of that wheel.

Oh and since I mentioned it ……. despite all evidence to the contrary, I don’t always get what I want. And I will not be going to MD to get a wheel. As much as I would love to go to Maryland and keep toying with the idea, I really have no business being there since I haven’t spun a damn thing that I bought at Rhibeck yet.

But let’s get back to the oinkers ……. here is a particular favorite of mine. It is a coin from Ireland and was given to me by my friend Mary’s husband. (oooo, another husband giving me gifts Nancy!) How happy am I that Mary went all the way to Ireland to get a honey?!


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  1. “when pigs fly outside your window…” I read that and thought, “Well, THAT could definitely happen at Ann’s house.” Don’t you have some piggy lawn ornaments? Sort of the pig equivalent of a pink flamingo?

  2. I have the same problem with sleeves – I always knit the super long ones when I really just want long ones.

    I will wait to comment on the sweater until I see it in person and can examine the supposed flaws myself.

    Who doesn’t love a pig?!

  3. The sweater is a success because you can fix it and make the next sweater even better.
    I was completely overcome with cashmere and wheels. I did miss the pig, however. XOXO

  4. Hi Ann,

    What I saw of the sweater on Friday was fabulous. I realize it wasn’t completed yet, and it was a fast look I got. Will you bring it to the spinning meeting tomorrow?

    Yay! (yay for what? I’m not sure. I just wanted to say yay. With an exclamation point.)

    Don’t hate me, now. . . . For anyone who knows me a little, it is no surprise . . . I don’t like pigs. Never have. I do love yours, though. So, maybe I’m changing?

    Take care,


  5. Fix that sweater, Ann. Maybe not right this second, but do fix it. Mull it over and chew on it and figure it out and then do it — the fix will be so quick compared to the actual knitting and you’re so close to having something that you WILL TRULY LOVE. It looks great on you. You’ll be so happy. I promise.

    I loved that coin the minute I saw it, and then loved it even more when I clicked to make it big. PIGLETS!!!

  6. With all the pigs you have, certainly it couldn’t be too hard to find one to fly? Can’t help you with the unicorn, though. Congrats on finishing the sweater. That is an acomplishment of which you should be proud, whether you adjust it or not.

  7. Love the sweater! It does look very nice on you. Like that coin too. I missed a few days of reading, but I have issues…Personally, I like the pork reports:)

  8. I so understand the not revisiting a supposedly finished object. I have half a dozen of those waiting for attention. In the meantime, I wear them…and chastise myself for not getting to the alteration. Misery loves company, so you’ve just enabled me. :) Thanks!

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