Tonight is the monthly Spinning Guild meeting! One of our members owns a livestock company and she specializes in alpacas and llamas. She is also a professional shearer and will be demonstrating for us. It should be very interesting and fun to see the animals up close. Ever since that goat workshop, I have been fantisizing about having some livestock of my own ……. of course I have not included the care and cleaning of such livestock in my delusions visions.

a stack of old family bibles seemed the perfect place for these guys ……

and she’s cl-i-m-bing a st-ai-r-way to heav-en

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  1. The Stairway to Heaven lyrics made this photo that much better. :) (Although I am still holding out for The Return of the Blue Pig. I love that guy.)

    I think your sweater looks wonderful, too! I have yet to try a percentage system sweater, but it looks great.

  2. I’ll NEVER be able to think of that song the same way again. Makes me think of Catholic school. Our Lady of the Ascending Swine. hee hee So are you going to have an alpaca and llama in the class? That’s so cool!

  3. I see someone has already beaten me to it, but those pigs do look like they’re going down… especially with their little “oh no” expressions!

    The pork-music talk reminded me… do you have the CD (& accompanying book) “Grunt”? It’s *awesome*. It’s a barnyard version of Gregorian chants, where all the animals speak latin, except the pigs who speak pig-latin. It includes the most beautiful version of “Old McDonald Has A Farm” I’ve ever heard. ;) Amazon link:

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