Hex has cast a spell


The beginning of a Hex Coat from Knitting Nature. I am using Lopi Lite per the pattern specs. I believe this is the very first time I am using the yarn that the pattern calls for. Kathleen and Peggy S. are also knitting this project.

It pays to have company, Kathleen had the great idea of substituting the 1×1 ribbing with a garter stitch border. I agreed that it would look much better. When making this change, you need to maintain a 3 stitch stockinette edge (the zig zag part) where the hexagon border will be attached. I have also fiddled with various increasing methods. After lots of experimentation trying knitting into the stitch below and knitting into the front and back, I have settled on the lifted bar increase, but doing it to reflect whether the new stitch is to be a knit or purl within the pattern. This is a long coat; the hem is at your knees. At first I thought I would shorten it, but have since decided to knit it as written. So it will be a long project. I hope it is done in time for fall!

Yesterday’s pigs are going to be a week long pictorial. They were given to me by my father who loved to order things from the Cash’s of Ireland catalog. Before she died, my mother was in charge of the gift purchases. Afterward, Dad became a wort of mail order junkie.

This set is among my absolute favorite pigs. They are center stage on a wall unit in the living room. I had to bunch them all together to get yesterday’s picture, but I also took individual pictures ……


7 thoughts on “Hex has cast a spell

  1. So what part are you actually working on there — is it a front?

    Love the little band. I don’t know why, but I love the idea of a mail-order junkie dad.
    ; )

  2. I have a question for you about the Stacy Pullover
    Did you make it?
    If you did can I ask you for some help with the pattern?
    I am stuck and want to keep knitting
    Send me an e-mail if you can help me. Thank you

  3. I am so smart! Smrt. I mean Smart. Looking good baby. I am frogging a sock that you couldn’t be bothered to come and look at. I hope you enjoyed raking. I am wiping tears away. :) Love your dad story though. If Granny said your mother one more time today, I was gonna sock her one.

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