more hex coat ….




I started the other front of my Hex Coat. The pattern does not tell you to do this. While I was working on the left front I had some doubts about the length of this coat but no one was around to measure me. So I put the whole thing on hold and started the right. It turned out to be a very smart move.

The pattern schematic says that the length of this from shoulder to hem is 40½”. It falls to the model’s knee. I measure 37″ to my knee. Further, I looked at other sweater coat patterns (in Big Girl Knits) and they are all 37″. I absolutely do not want this to be longer than my knee – as a matter of fact, I am not completely sure I want it all the way to my knee.

So I got out the old calculator and figured out my row gauge. I am going to rework the directions for a finished length of 35″, leaving a bit of room for it to stretch as I wear it.

I am also pleased to report that the moss stitch continues to not make me crazy!

another yellow pig!

5 thoughts on “more hex coat ….

  1. I know what you mean about the length. I shortened mine so it hits mid-butt. I’m just too short to wear a sweater that goes down to my knees!

  2. Know what I like? I like that you gave us the orienting shot of the entire hutch before you started with the close-ups. Dorky, weird, insecure, call me what you will, but it is a time-honored technique in cinematography and I appreciate it.

    Some pig.

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