where have I been?

We arrived home from the college touring trip to computer networking problems here at home. Our Number One IT guy aka Herr Boar was able to solve the trouble (our router needed replacing) and we are back in action. I was without my beloved internet all day on Friday and I felt bereft – amazing how much time I actually spend cruising around the ether.

I am over the moon, thrilled to tell you all that that free time was very well spent. I have finished my Hex Coat! And Vicki, by finished I mean blocked, seamed and ends woven in. (sometimes I bind off the last stitch and pronounce a project finished). Be warned that there will be no model shots until the fall. Yesterday I was out by the pool seaming this thing and when I yanked the last thread I pulled it on to check the fit. Yes, Lopi Lite against my sweaty skin wearing only a bathing suit and now this sweater. This my friends is a recipe for an Instantaneous Hot Flash. (it fits like a dream btw!)



Today I am going to organize for the next fiber projects. And I have two on deck! First off is Babette – a feast of colors and I can’t wait to get started on that. I am also going to get some lace going – and am torn between two shawls (feeling like a fool, loving both of them is breaking all the rules …..) the Lotus Blossom and the Bee. bzzzzz.

22 thoughts on “where have I been?

  1. Really, you don’t want to parade around in the humidity getting just the “right” shot? Can’t blame you there. Hex looks quite lovely (the hexagons deserve a super close-up) and calling if finished when it really is finished is lost on me.

    Go for the bee, by the way! I want to see how this knits up and I can’t bring myself to cast on.

  2. Congratulations on completing the coat. I mean, a COAT! I can’t wait to see modeled shots when the weather permits.

    And if I were picking shawl patterns, I’d opt for the Bee, but only because I’m not a bobble fan.

  3. Wow! With a capital W! It looks gorgeous. I’ve had my eye on this pattern, but All. That. Seed. Stitch. Your FO makes it look worthwhile though. Hey, I’m going to be in NYC this weekend. Any time/interest in meeting up somewhere on Saturday or Sunday afternoon? The Point Knitting Cafe has been suggested to me, but I’m very open to all suggestions.

  4. Beautiful coat! Just reading about you trying it on in this weather brought a hot flash here,,, LOL
    And personally I prefer the Bee, I am going to knit it too.

  5. Hey welcome back! Your Hex Coat is gorgeous!!! I heard the hot flash part loud and clear!!! You’ve got the right idea seaming Babette as you go, not only saves assembly time, but a little sanity too!

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