Here is section 8. I am in love with this pattern and this yarn!

Today I am taking D#2 for her driver’s license. I have checked and rechecked all of the paperwork and believe that everything is in order – I don’t want a repeat of the last time I took a daughter for her test! keep your fingers crossed!

In other news, I am exhausted. Ladies I hate to break this to you, but Mr. Boar has a dark side. I know he seems wonderful but there is something I haven’t told you.

Mr. Boar is a serial snooze alarmer. His alarm began going off at 4:15 this morning and proceeded to go off every 10 minutes. I finally growled at him and got out of bed myself at 5:00. Boar followed shortly after but it wasn’t my own ire that got him up, it was Lucy’s! After I left the room, she got all upset because she couldn’t follow me. The bed is too high and the room too dark for her to jump down unassisted and so she paced around the bed and panted until he helped her! Since the air conditioner was on, he even had to go so far as to open the door for her. I guess that was enough to get his day started.

I know that maybe I should take a hint from Lucy and get him out of bed with pacing and panting, but we all know that that would lead to a whole other can of worms!

13 thoughts on “VIII

  1. OMG, Dan does the serial snooze thing too, and it drives me frickin’ nuts! He always has to get up earlier than I do, and I can’t go back to sleep after I have been wakened. Grrr! I have limited him to three snooze alarms, and woe betide him if he tries for four.

  2. Maybe you shouldn’t be so hard on The Boar. I’m sure its just that you wear him out;)

    I am a serial snooze person too so I can’t cast aspersions.

  3. I love your Babette….sigh…ever since you and Cara have been posting your updates, it’s been haunting me, this Monday at my knit night, I longingly looked at the stacks of Koigu, imagining what a beautiful blanket I could make. Good luck with D #2’s drivers test, that’s a big step!

  4. Your babette is a doll, I like the line ups of different size squares you show us! Good Luck to D#2 and forgive the Boar, it is so hard to get up early morning after morning after morning,,, Can you guess I used to do the same when I was a business woman? :)

  5. The Flyer is a snoozer too, but it doesn’t bother me during the summer as I sleep through the alarm. During the school year, if I get up at 4:30 for work, he shouldn’t be just getting out of bed when I am fully dressed and ready to go. That puts me in a bad mood all day. Maybe Mr. Boar just needs a new blanket . . . like Babette!

  6. Hope you had good luck yesterday. Your Babette continues to inspire, she’s lovely! I can see it now pacing and panting ~snort~ Not that would get him up ;)

  7. OMG – I am so with you on BOTH the serial snoozing and the pacing dog! My husband snoozes forever and it drives me crazy! But, I am usually the one who has to get up to help Johnny off of the bed, since I sleep in later than hubbo. Good thing that the dog is as lazy as me most of the time (he’s still under the covers now, as a matter of fact!).

  8. If you’re going to go the panting and pacing technique, make sure you’re well “protected” first. Ask me how I know. I’m thinking of joining a nunnery next.

  9. Your blanket bits look lovely.

    My hubby is a serial snooze alarmer too. He has to get up by 6:15 at the latest and he used to set his alarm for 5:30, thus giving him 45 minutes of snooze time. I tried moving his alarm clock to across the room … he STILL hits the snooze and then gets back into bed. So I said “if you’re not getting up at 5:30, you will not set your alarm for 5:30 … now it’s set for 5:55 and when it comes on the radio comes on so I can listen to the news while he snoozes and at 6:10 it starts beeping. It’s still annoying, but not as annoying as it used to be.

  10. I must admit to being a snooze alarmer as well. I’ll go on like that for 2 hours if I have the time to sleep in, which always makes me wonder why I don’t just reset the alarm clock altogether, especially since hitting the snooze means I’m repeatedly re-awakening myself…

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