P1010233_2 P1010234Babette in a Bowl & Lotus Blossom Progress

P1010236do you suffer from hog cholera?

it is so hot and humid around here the only thing to do is to sit in the air conditioning and knit. The thunderstorms they keep predicting never seem to materialize. sigh. I do believe I am developing a case of fall fever.

I am looking forward to cooler days, pot roast, not having to water outdoor potted plants and most of all not listening to the drone of the air conditioner! I will have to remember this when I am bitching about raking leaves! It’s odd, when I am shut indoors during the summer I feel shut in and out of touch – but in the fall it’s cozy.

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  1. Oh, I hear you. I’m making pot roast in the crock pot this week because I just can’t wait! We’ve actually had a few days with temps below 90 and I can almost imagine autumn is coming!

  2. I quite agree. I am itchin’ to make my famous chocolate chip cookies but cannot bring myself to turn on the oven. Thanks for the eye color though. Brightened my day.

  3. I have been waiting for those thunderstorms too! Where are they? I planned on cleaning the basement today and then knitting a bit there (since it is marginally cool and we don’t have air conditioning), but my husband locked his keys in the car . . . with it running . . . in Parsipany. At least the ride there and back was nice and cool!

  4. And I thought you didn’t post yesterday. Pig cholera? Does not sound too comfortable does it? Fall is a long, long way off for us, probably in Dec we’ll have fall.

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