Fall has officially begun – today is the first day of school. D#2 left this morning for her senior year! Shall I wax poetic about how quickly the time goes, or how I remember all of the other first days of school? Or shall I just get on with things and show you some knitting? and pigs!

Ta-Da! A pair of finished Roza’s Socks and a pair in progress!

The finished set is done in Cherry Tree Hill and for the other I am using Trekking XXL. I love both of these sock yarns and the Trekking seems thicker than I remember it being. Have they changed something at the mill or has is just been too long since I’ve used it? The CTH pair seem a bit snug. The brioche stitch of this pattern makes the ribbing extra grabby – this is great because I love socks to hug the leg. But my calves need a ‘hug extender’ – I’ve got strong peasant stock in my genes! It will take a strong wind to knock me over, but a few more stitches to get around these gams. For the Trekking pair I added a pattern repeat – instead of casting on 60 stitches cast on 66. I will have to find some skinny-legged someone on my Christmas list and wrap up the Cherry Tree Hill pair!





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  1. Oh such an adorable piggie and nice looking socks too!

    Here school started 3 weeks ago I think, but summer is still in full strength, I never understood why they start the school so early around it, doesn’t make sense to me, poor kids.

    My socks are celebrating on the pool deck while I am busy with other stuff.

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