I spent yesterday sitting and spinning in the great outdoors. It was the Smithtown Historical Society’s Heritage Festival and our spinning guild was asked to demonstrate. What a fun day and what a great festival! They had tractor pulls – all of these antique John Deere tractors pulling, or trying to, massive cement blocks. The lure of that particular event was lost on me. The civil war reenactors were there. A recreation of Charles Lindbergh’s fly over. (when he made his historic trip across the Atlantic, he flew over this particular homestead). A village smithy showing how it’s done. They also had three falconers there with their birds – that was fascinating! But the very best part was sitting and spinning with the guild. I also managed to get lots done and have two bobbins full of border Leicester that awaits plying.

Today I will be heading to Kathleen’s for a little knitting get together. Peggy will be there, along with Sue and Granny and we will have lots of laughs for sure. I also want to pick their brains (and yours!) about a project. One of the spinning guild members was wearing this poncho/vest thing she had bought on a trip to Ireland. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and would like to knit one up …… here are the details:

  • it is waist length
  • it has button tabs on each side of the waist to loosely hold it together
  • v-neck
  • seamed
  • there are increases from the waist to the outer edge (which hits at the wrist) and when those tabs are buttoned, it make a very, very loose sleeve
  • I would describe it as a mini poncho, or a vesty type thing with bat-wing shaping

I have a two piggie things to show you today. The first I have just ordered and don’t have yet. I am so excited – this is a real find and an unusual piece for the collection. I found it on Etsy.


and the seller (Pigatopia) had even more styles. Choosing between them wasn’t too difficult since I knew I had to have the Boar one and I may even wrap it up and put it in his Christmas stocking! won’t he be surprised and when he opens it he will look at me and think, I should have bought her that ratchet set I’ve always wanted.

The other most excellent Pig was given to me yesterday. At the spinning demonstration one of my favorite spinners, Martha had this surprise for me ….


she found it at a garage sale and was using it under her wheel at home to keep it from walking away. She wanted me to have it! Thank you Martha — I LOVE it! I have been wandering around my house mulling over where to put it and am thinking I will hang it on a wall somehow – it is so sweet!

Boar and I are heading to Dallas tomorrow for the annual Pepsi trip – I need to start thinking about what knitting projects to pack!

7 thoughts on “

  1. That’s it! I have had it! You and your freaking gifts! I love rabbits. Are you happy?

    Just kidding. But I do like rabbits.
    Cute stuff. Don’t be expecting anything from me…not even food. Although I did bake a coffee cake. Or am. And it turned out nothing like the box. Shoot. Do I have enough time to run to Costco?

  2. The tractor pull is an entertainment form that requires a mullet and a case of Budweiser to be completely appreciated. Run away.

    Really like your rug, sure you won’t put it on the porch?

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