Mason Dixon Sew Up!

and what a great time it was! You will have to go to Kay’s site to get the full details, but I can tell you that a great time was had at the table in the front. A few of the ladies I met are bloggers – Cynthia and Liz, and the others Dawn, Katherine and Amy should have one! I know I met a lot of other people, but names are escaping me at the moment. (did I mention that I’ve stopped drinking coffee??) see that? I’ve left out Cara and Kay!

the evening started off with a bang – in describing how she would like the ends woven in, Kay said, “no ambiguous dangling”.

naturally, I couldn’t let that one go. ; ) the rest of the night was one hilarity after the other.

9 thoughts on “Mason Dixon Sew Up!

  1. Cynthia here. I had a BLAST yesterday at the sew-up. So happy to FINALLY meet those I know only through blogs! And of course, meeting new friends. What a tremendous outpouring of knitterly love last night!

  2. Did I not comment here already? I must be losing my mind.

    I thought of calling last night — on Cara’s phone, so you’d know it was me — but it was too late by the time I thought it up. Dang. It looks like you all had so much fun — I can’t wait to see the finished blankets!

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