I am Mrs. Fancypants

WordPress seemed to be acting up this morning and I couldn’t get this entry fully posted. Let’s try this again!

Here is a look at the cable needles that my darling Boar got me for my birthday. They are hand forged, sterling silver from Celtic Swan. Aren’t they gorgeous? Am I worthy?  (don’t answer that!)

I first heard about Celtic Swan through Julia – it was a few years ago, but they’ve be in the back of my mind ever since. See that, I have a reputation for being somewhat forgetful – but I don’t forget everything!  Now I need another cable project to put them to the test!

8 thoughts on “I am Mrs. Fancypants

  1. Woo hoo! Darn, those are pretty. I still have all of my bronze cable needles – funny how you keep track of the things that are really special to you – and I use them all the time. But the silver – wow. Enjoy them!

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