Like the female romantic lead in one of his teen movies, I think I have died and gone to heaven!

I have spent the entire morning in a tizzy. A complete and total tizzy. Having questioned the usual suspects , I suspect this may be the real deal. What does it mean? What am I talking about??

Scroll down and see the post titled “Surprise!”? It is the one with the picture of Cara and Charlotte opening presents. Well, take a moment to read the comments — it is probably the last comment there.

Did you see that? Could you just die?!!

I think he loves me too.

and another thing ….. do you think it’s possible to get a comment bronzed?

18 thoughts on “Like the female romantic lead in one of his teen movies, I think I have died and gone to heaven!

  1. Dear god the whole male world just falls at your feet, husbands, Greek priests and former teen hearthrobs.

    Some people want to be like Mike, I want to be like Ann;)

  2. I’m so crazed I hit enter before I finished typing my comment.

    FOR REAL!???? I mean, could it be? What. Was he googling himself and end up here? Did somebody send him a note? More importantly, can he be bribed with handknits? Does he wear handknits? Of course he would, he is a college professor. We must get to work. This could be the start of something.

    It takes a lot to get the little green monster in me going, but this has done it. I think I’ll write a post with just his name in it and see if he finds himself on a google search there. How old am I anyway? Hee.

  3. Maybe the dude has some kind of notification anytime someone mentions him online, and THEN, when he realized it was from one of the glorious KNITERATI bunch, he was compelled to make contact. After all, you’d be a FOOL not to want to brush up against THIS kind of celebrity…

    PS-can you post about Rick Springfield?Maybe you can conjure him up too… Saw him on Oprah the other night – he looked pretty good, still..

  4. GAHHHH!!!
    that is absolutely amazing and fantabulous!!!
    imagine the people you can connect to via 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon thru Robby Benson!!!
    :o) seriously, you need to commemorate that comment…
    a fellow RB lover,

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