This is what I will be doing today — we are having our Easter dinner at my MiL’s! Hurrah for someone else doing the cooking!! Why yes, that is another pair of the Mother’s Day Cotton Slippers – this time they fit me. I highly recommend this project – quick, slightly fancy and a stash buster too! Not to mention, they are very comfy indeed.

Can I just say this Easter-in-March business is a bit unsettling? I am not feeling very spring like – and an early Easter feels as forced as the forsythia.

damn you forsythia. bloom!

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  1. My Easter felt off-season, too, but in the opposite direction. We’re in California and had a high of 70 today. Forsythia here has started to fade. Hope yours opened. the slippers look bright and festive, at least.

  2. They are so cute on the foot. I must make them. I need to figure out a non-skid solution. (At my age I have to worry about breaking a hip, you know.) xox Kay

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