girls’ day

Yesterday I had a get together with Cara and Meli! How cute is this baby?! She is very very sweet. It makes me almost wish my girls were little again. almost.

We first went to Purl – Cara had a few things on her shopping list. Even though I wasn’t going to buy anything, I managed to find some very cute buttons. I promise to take a picture and show you tomorrow.

This was Meli’s first yarn shop trip and she was so well behaved! Too bad we can’t say the same about her mother.

Then it was back to Cara’s for a day of baby-holding and visiting.

Thank you all so much for your help and ideas in my quest for that picture. I decided to take your advise and simply send an email to the set decorator. Of course, that is not as simple as it sounds since email addresses are not readily available. I am having trouble even finding a fan-based email address for anyone from the show. I thought all the stars had their own websites with bio/contact info. How are we expected to write adoring fan mail anymore?

I really do have to have a little photography session here tomorrow. I have some new knitting, some new purchases and surely the pugs will be doing something exquisitely cute that will need to be shared!

6 thoughts on “girls’ day

  1. Regarding tracking down set designers, have you tried googling the production company? You know, those goofy named companies with some clever graphic that rolls at the end of the credits.

    Just a thought

  2. I see mom’s doing a great job with Miss Meli! I wouldn’t be surprised if that little girl is knitting log cabins by the age of three ;-) Good luck with the picture hunting. I’ll still keep my eyes open.

  3. Oh my…. is that wall of yarn behind Meli Purl? I keep meaning to get there when I go to NY but never seem to make it. Now that DD will be heading off to NYC for college in the fall it will be on my MUST DO list!

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