and the little one went wee wee wee

Two gorgeous ladies! D#2 has had loads of excitement lately, she graduated high school and the next weekend turned 18.  We had a big bbq to celebrate.  The weather that day was dicey, so there was some last minute reconfiguring, but in the end the rain held off and everyone had a great time.

Miss Meli came over to celebrate and party like a rock star and wore her party binky! There are certain people who will tell you that I had too much to drink and that I could not manage to take a decent picture and that they took the picture of Meli. I have nothing to say about that. I can’t remember.

As part of her birthday-palooza, the next day D#2 joined a bunch of friends and their families for a slumber party on Shelter Island. D#2 sure knows how to live it up. Luckily for me she brought home a souvenir!

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