begging to see the backside

I have an uber personal question. Can I see the backside of your garterlac dishcloth? I’ve tried to make that so many times but keep giving up because the back looked funny. I want to see what the back of somebody else’s looks like. Please???????????

Kris left this comment on yesterday’s post. So here it is ……

tips on picking up stitches:

  • always have the right side of your work facing you. Picking up stitches leads to a ridge and you will want that ridge to end up on the wrong side. Picking up with the right side facing you will make sure that it happens.
  • when picking up, insert the needle/hook (I use a crochet hook to pick up stitches) under both strands of the edge stitch. Inserting it under just one may lead to a lacy little hole, which is usually not the effect you are going for.
  • I did tweak this pattern a bit. The way this is knit, certain sections will end up with stitches being picked up with the wrong side facing. And this will lead to the ridge being on the right side. Whenever this was going to happen, I simply twisted the work around, and did a backward sort of pick up (from left to right instead of the usual right to left) and that put the ridge on the wrong side where it belongs.

I hope that last bit made sense. If I knit another of these, I will take pictures as I go along.

6 thoughts on “begging to see the backside

  1. Honey I always want to see your backside;)

    My husband, on his birthday no less, received a little freebie from a sales rep that is actually for you. I’m sending it out today.

  2. Its like you read my mind. I happen to be going through a little washcloth/dishrag phase (I’ve knit 4 in 5 days) and you just helped me find my next pattern. Thanxs!

  3. They are purtty….what does one hint of color.

    By the way, when is the Greenlawn Pickle Festival this year. I have a yearnin’

  4. Maybe I’m lazy, or doing something wrong…but I’ve made a bunch of these with nary a ridge in sight. I pick up in only HALF of the edge stitch, rather than under the whole stitch, and it makes it nice and reversible, but probably not as holdy-togethery. :-)

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