I took this picture a week or two ago during a bike ride I went on. One of my girlfriends is into biking and she has invited me to go along with her a few times – it is amazing that she keeps inviting me since I am s-l-o-w!!

Anyway, she claims this was a 14 mile loop and my ass believes her! These swans here just gave me a good excuse to stop, I was stopping no matter what the scenery. ; )

There has been some knitting going on, some purchasing going on and some future purchasing being contemplated! I am about to take the plunge and become a spinning wheel collector. Right now I have three (a Lendrum, a Hitchhiker and an antique Canadian production). Some might say that that right there is a collection and I suppose it is. But one more would really seal the deal.

I have had my eye on some Jensens in my spinning guild and recently had a chance to give one a whirl. So nice, so smooth and so pretty! I am going to wait until after Rhinebeck to make sure nothing else catches my eye ….. any opinions from all you spinners out there?

6 thoughts on “wheels

  1. I have three wheels my self – an Ashford Kiwi, a Merlin Tree Road Bug, and a colonial Great wheel…

    I’ve been eying the Schacht wheels and have been told that if we came into stupid money the first thing my husband would do is put an order in for a Golding for me.

  2. Sometimes I amuse myself by imagining the estate sales we’ll all be having one day. We’ll be dead, which will be a bummer, don’t get me wrong. “This lady had FOUR spinning wheels! 8000 plus pigs!” “This one had a cabinet made for holding fabric. It’s full of fabric! And there’s a super crappy plastic sewing machine! No wonder she didn’t sew up all her fabric!”

  3. I have “several” spinning wheels… and I love my Jensen production wheel with the 1/2 spindles. Not only does it spin beautifully, I just love looking at it.

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