I have not fallen from the face of the earth, but from the edge of my blog! Luckily I took my knitting with me and have a few things to show.

The first is the Hemlock Ring Blanket in progress. This is my second go at the pattern. About midway through my first attempt, I realized I had misread the chart and was knitting three rows even instead of four between the feather and fan shaping. gah! I am almost finished and I have to say that both times have been pleasurable knits – it’s a quick fun project and has a huge wow factor that hides how simple it is. Simple if you can tell the difference between three and four. Otherwise there is a learning curve!

The second project is my Amelia Sweater. My knitting schtick seems to be finding something in every project on my needles. This time it was the pattern’s fault. There was an error in the pattern which has since been corrected. It was a simple fix etc. but there was some time spent figuring it out and then bitching about it. Anyway, it is done and I am happy with the result!

In other news, D#1 was just home for her spring break. She was here for a week and went back to school on Saturday. D#2 arrives for her spring break this Friday. There is a spring break revolving door!

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