I’m just a coal miner’s granddaughter

Wisconsin was full of surprises.

I grew up eating pasties. I didn’t really think anyone else did. Near Vicki’s house, they actually have a store devoted to them!

ps. check out my flickr page to see the menu!

7 thoughts on “I’m just a coal miner’s granddaughter

  1. I am now cleaning up the coffee that was spit onto the monitor. Sure I read what you wrote and I’m thinking nipples of course! Which I havent forgotten,,, one of these days your gonna get them!

  2. A friend of mine from East Lansing is a fiend for pasties, too. I brought her some Cornish ones from a lovely British grocery in the West Village and she was a bit befuddled by them. I guess the midwestern ones are different from their original Brit counterparts.

  3. Mmmmm… I first had a pasty in northern Michigan as a kid. I’d forgotten all about them but they were great! Very vaguely reminiscent of a pot pie, but waaay better. I’ll have to try making them. Thanks for the memories.

  4. I come from Devon in England, just over the county border from Cornwall where pasties originated. The Cornish miners went all over the world in search of work and everywhere they went they took their pasties with them so variations on the theme turn up in many places where there is mining. Excellent portable food.

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