no one puts Bianca in a corner!

So I went to knitting camp. For those of you not in the know, knitting camp is not camping – we were at a very nice hotel the entire weekend. For those of you not on Facebook, there was a microbrewery right next door! (I do occasional status updating via Facebook these days and the microbrewery was worth two mentions!)

Knitting Camp ….. where to begin? How about the part where we got to a jam packed LaGuardia and after inching our way forward in line I discovered I didn’t have my driver’s license in my wallet???? Can I get a collective “Oh, Shit!”?

It turns out it is not entirely impossible to fly without government id . I wouldn’t recommend it, but I did indeed make it to Wisconsin. There are many other hilarious traveling stories, but I don’t have the patience to type them all and on top of that they make us (me, Kathleen and Ricki) sound like we should never leave the house again. seriously!

So Knitting Camp —- it was fantastic! and humbling. One of my mentors (who shall remain nameless) was absolutely right when she told me I am not as good as I think I am. Or perhaps, everyone else is way better than I think they are!

Truly, it was a room full of inspired knitters. Knitters who could run a weekend retreat on their own talents. Knitters who have been published. All there to learn more!

ps. I came home to find that Boar and D#2 were playing games while I was away – games like, “let’s hide that creepy mannequin head from Mom”.

3 thoughts on “no one puts Bianca in a corner!

  1. I don’t blame them for playing that game, that manneqin head is seriously creepy. Makes me think of the Bride of Chucky or those creepy dolls in Barbarella. I think they need to work a little harder at finding hiding spots. May I suggest the neighbors garbage, the landfill or a pit in the woods.

    Camp was so much fun. Loved meeting you.

  2. I am not as creeped out as most about Bianca — I find her rather fascinating and still puzzle over her origins — but seriously… they cannot have been trying too hard if that’s the best hiding spot they could find. They’re just toying with you, my dear.

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