How about a little update?

In spinning news, yesterday I had a lesson taught by a fellow guild member.  My number one complaint with my spinning is that it all comes out the same weight.  I have been telling myself in a very spinning-is-zen kind of way it is because that is “what the fiber wants to be”.  Which I kinda suspected was total bullshit.  So I learned that I have been confusing some spinning vocabulary (namely tension as it relates to the whorls) and I am now able to spin laceweight!!  And since I love to knit lace, I may finally have something to put on the show and tell table at a future guild meeting.  I also learned how to do thicker spinning, but that is a very tricky trick indeed and it will take losts of practice before I churn out anything that would be consistent.

The second half of the lesson was dyeing!  Very very cool.  The woman who gave the lesson has books upon books full of her color studies – it was awe inspiring.  We went over casserole dyeing, handpainting and also the dipping method.  Once my roving dries, I will snap some pictures to show you.

On the family front.  D#1 found out yesterday that she has been accepted into graduate school!  Although it is rolling admissions, she was a little late in the game applying and now there will be a mad scramble to get her settled in an apartment before the semester begins – actually the scramble will begin with finding and apartment!  gah!  I am glad though that it is all set and that she has a direction.  These kids graduate from college and then what?  Especially nowadays when the job market is so dicey.

D#2 is back at school for her sophomore year.  We dropped her off last weekend and helped her set up her dorm room.  She is going to be an RA this year and had to go back extra early for training and then freshmen orientation.

You know what this means don’t you?  Boar and I have the house to ourselves again!!

cue the sexy saxaphone music ; )

3 thoughts on “How about a little update?

  1. One (who does not spin) would think that making consistent thin yarn would be more difficult than thick. Please, please do share pictures of dyeing!!

    Yay D#1!! D#2 a sophomore already!

    You two behave…

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