things I am making

Just off the needles is this Paper Moon Hat. It is a gift for a friend who is undergoing chemo treatments. Bianca was out on a date, so I had to step in for the model shot. I love this hat and plan on making more.  I was working on this in a Starbucks recently and a woman who was sitting across the way told me it was the best hat she had ever seen.  How’s that for an endorsement?  The knitterly details can be found on my Ravelry page.

Like the rest of the movie going public, I have had some kitchen inspiration!  In addition to Meryl Streep providing motivation, the weather has turned chilly and that always gets me back to the stove.  Here are some tasty tasty food links:

great. after re-living all of that culinary greatness, now I am hungry. And the cupboards are bare!

3 thoughts on “things I am making

  1. i love the pictures of NIC. he is so sweet. when did you start letting him outside? do you worry about him running off or is he content to hang on the deck?

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