natural dye!

Poke berries, with some cranberries thrown in for good measure! If you look through my flickr account, you will see some black walnuts, tansy, marigolds and goldenrod brewing. It was another great workshop hosted by the guild and put together by Diane.   Diane truly worked her arse off for this day and it showed  – everything was wonderful.  Even the weather cooperated and we all had a great time.

[poke berries brought to us by Patty E. — thanks Patty, and fyi I gave you all most of the credit!]

2 thoughts on “natural dye!

  1. What a beautiful color of purple! My mom and aunts cook the leaves of Poke salad and eat them. I can’t stand them and have always thought it was a useless weed, but from your post I can see that I was wrong.

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