mr. wonderful

IMG_3062We knew it all along didn't we? 

Boar spent the better part of his Thanksgiving weekend tending to the technology issues of the women in his life.  D#1 was having phone trouble.  D#2 was having Garmin issues.  And I was having iTouch issues. 

The first two were somewhat quickly resolved, but my trouble (which was actually with iTunes and not my iTouch) took all weekend to resolve and many many emails.  Initially I took a stab at fixing the trouble.  It all started last week and I spent a solid day trying to figure out just what the hell was wrong.  My iTouch wouldn't synch and I ended up in a perpetual loop of being asked to authorize accounts and computers and then being told they were alreay authorized. And seconds later being asked to authorize again.  I tried deauthorizing everything every which way I could think of.  I tried to just install everything on a different computer.  I tried turning things off and turning them on again. 

My final solution was going to be to erase every damn thing and just reinstall.  And be all huffy and indignant about it.  Boar sensed redundant purchases with my fix, not to mention residual huffy indignation coming his way and took over.  Yay for Boar — he is our IT guy in every way!

If anyone else out there is having the same problem – it was all wrapped up with an old aol account that couldn't be accessed on our end.  The customer service person at iTunes had to go in through the company's side of things and move it it from aol to iTunes. 

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