I have been sitting on some very big news for      wVk_so_many_yarns-303x179hat seems like a very long time.  In fact it has only been the past month, but if you know me, you can appreciate how long that is for me to keep my mouth shut!

drum roll ………. I am buying a yarn shop!

Actually, I am buying it with my good friend Kathleen.  She is a knitter beyond compare and has exquisite taste in yarns.  Plus she can put up with me!

How about some shop details?

The Village Knitter

57 West Main Street Suite 130

Babylon, NY  11702

(631) 321-7378

We are signing on the dotted line tonight and I will be taking lots of pictures over the upcoming days and will fill you in on all the deets ….. stay tuned!

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  1. Congratulations! Best wishes for success in your exciting business venture! Looking forward to hearing all the wonderful experiences that are sure to come out of your yarn shop!

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