my two favorite things – daughters & dogs!!

Lizzie&Lucy  There has been an influx of daughters here at Chez Swine.  D#2 arrived home from her sophomore year at college  - but it is a quick layover on her way to a summer spent in Manhattan at an internship.  Not a bad way to spend the summer!  We will be helping her make that move on Sunday.  

In other excitement on Sunday D#1 will be arriving home for a visit and will be bringing her newest love interest, Meeko!  Meeko With a bit of luck the dogs will decide to all get along -fingers crossed.  She has just finished her first year of grad school and will be home for two weeks before heading back to her summer position as Asst. Director of Summer Programs (sounds swanky, no?)  

My quiet little nest is suddenly filled with activity again!


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