IMG_3866  When you take a picture for a blog post you never know what's going to happen.  I took this picture over the weekend.  It was morning, it wasn't blazing hot yet and I was sitting outside content with EVERYTHING!  

Which I can still say about two of the three things in this picture.  You see that mug?  I bought two of them at Rhinebeck last year and they are my favorites.  I need to buy two more because I am such a big baby I try to only drink my coffee from them.  I need more to sustain me between dishwasher runnings!  do not try to suggest handwashing.  I lived with that dream for a week or two, but sometimes you just have to accept the reality.  I have and I have moved on.

You see that knitting bag thingie?  That my friends is a Namaste Oh Snap bag and I adore these!  At first I thought they would 
IMG_3869  simply be great for project toting and organizing not to mention a few steps up from my ziploc bag system.  Although I have many dedicated knitting bags, these are good for carrying your project(s) within the knitting bag – keeps things together and untangled.  Plus those snaps are easy and fun to manipulate if you are like me and a freak about details like that.  snap.snap.snap.

All of this aside, the Oh Snap bags are fanf***ckingtastitc for working with multiple strands of yarn!  You simply put each strand between the snap area and off you go – no more twisted messes!  When you switch colors, you just flip the bag and the yarns untwist and voila you are set!  What could be better?

Do you see where this is going?  Yes, that knitting in the foreground?  It is no more.  It is not nice to speak ill of the recently departed, so I will not mention what a total pain in the ass that pattern was.  Futzy and hard on the eyes.  It was a pleasure to rip it out that's what a pain it was!   Instead I will tell you that the Jade 2 ply awaits its reincarnation (the pattern was a pain, the yarn is a dream).   I have been searching ravelry all last night and have come up with an idea or two …..

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  1. The dishwasher is running less around here, as is the washing machine… I need more underwear, too. But, the real reason I signed in to comment is that Oh Snap bag… so crazy that I’ve been carrying/working with bags inside of bags inside of bags of late! Definitely a step up from my usual ziploc… even the ones with the little thingie.

  2. You do never know what’s going to happen. I just called the shop to talk to you and Kathleen answered! YAY! It was so nice to talk to her.
    Smith needs to run our dishwasher more often as my favorite mugs are never at the ready. I feel your pain. And frogging projects is par for the course around here.

  3. I special ordered a new Jennie the Potter mug when I was at camp. I love the one I got at Sock Summit. My new one will have a squirrel in the tree holding green yarn! Squee!
    Kim and I missed you a lot at camp this year.

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