Dear Costco,

I love you.  I loved you when you were Price Club. I love buying in bulk.  Bricks of cheese.  Laying in provisions.  The pioneer spirit in a giant shopping cart.   I was sad to have to trade my Price Club card for a Costco card .  I was a part of the original acolytes.  But you wanted to be Costco and so I had to embrace the change.

Last summer you saved me when I had that big traveling to Wisconsin fiasco and forgot my driver's license but the airline let me fly anyway because of my picture on my Costco Executive Membership!  I still can't believe that happened by the way.  Was it the Costco part?  The implications and mystery of executive membership? You were the reason I actually made it to Knitting Camp!

My laptop recently shit the bed. (this is a new expression I have co-opted from a friend – you like?) Do you remember that I bought it from you back in April of 09?  Yes you do remember – which is great because I sure didn't!  Did I have my receipt?  Hell no.  Was that a problem for your concierge?  No ma'm!  How great is it that you have a concierge?!  And now things are gonna get fixed!

oh yes!

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