See that?


That is JOHNFALCONE carrying my Norm Hall Wheel to the car!

I can hardly believe it!! And so many things had to fall in place to even make it happen. Cara joked that it took a village to buy me this wheel, and that is the complete truth!

  • First of all, Norm Hall had to make it. 
  • Then the first person he sold it to in 2005 had to put it back out there. 
  •  Then I had to be walking through barn 35 with Kathleen on Sunday morning for her to stop and say I should ask if any of the wheels were for sale. (which by Sunday they never ever are – for that matter by 10:00 am on Saturday they usually are all spoken for). 
  • Then Cara had to have a check on her to actually pay for the wheel, since I didn't have that much cash and Norm hall doesn't do plastic. Thankfully Cara extended me a line of credit and handed me a signed blank check! 
  • Then Kathleen had to have her van at the festival since that wheel did not fit in my car. 
  • Then Lisa let me borrow her van so I could go and get the wheel from Kathleen's house since I didn't want to wait until Monday to have it in my clutches! 
  • And of course JOHNFALCONE had to be Mr. Wonderful and say go for it!

4 thoughts on “See that?

  1. ………and…….Kim turned the wheel down first because the flyer was on the wrong side…sigh.
    I am SO happy though that this lovely wheel worked for you….yay! I was so pained that the I just could not work with a right handed flyer, but I am so happy that she found her way to her new home. :)q

  2. How did I leave that out??!! Yes, you had to turn it down first!!! and I am so happy you did! I have been spinning everyday (haven’t knit a single stitch!) and have one full and one half bobbin so far – can’t wait to try plying on it!

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