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market bag

I am closing in on the end of a seemingly endless project and thought I would post a picture of a recently completed projected to cheer me up and remind me that a bind off is close at hand. Kind of like a rainbow – not to say that I am Noah with an ark full of animals and God has sent me a rainbow (although I do have animals and sometimes two pugs and a mutt can feel like an ark especially when they are all in the kitchen trying to trip me. It is at present an odd number and that is how I KNOW for sure I am not Noah).

enough biblical pretensions.

This completed project is a shop sample – the yarn is Woodstock Cotton Lux. You know market bags are a lot like lace — lace only looks good when it is blocked. Unblocked and it looks like a blotchy blob. Market bags only look good when stuffed – sometimes with a charming baguette and bottle of wine for when you are shopping for your nightly bender, or in this case, more yarn! (the stuffing yarn is Malabrigo Rasta).

What is the project on the needles? I am knitting up Stripe Study Shawl and am in the final four inches ….

What else is new around here?  Not too much – the house is quiet again with D#2 back at school.  The shop is filled with busyness and fun.  Mr. Boar is good.  He and I recently took a hike at a place that was so unexpectedly desolate that it would have been the perfect spot to commit a murder.  The fact that we both emerged is proof of our love.

C360_2011-03-09 10-44-09

of course I maintained a safe distance at all times...

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  1. I printed that pattern before we left home and brought it with me… in case I found some yarn and was inspired or something. I haven’t knit a single stitch on anything!

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