Actual Knitting Content!

So, it hasn’t been all fancy nail art around here.  There has been some knitting going on, but it is all shop samples!  Since I already post them on The Village Knitter Facebook page, I wasn’t sure if I would have a re-do here on Ye Olde Blogge.  All that hemming and hawing was wearing me out and since I need to feed the blog, here goes.

We have been working on The Great American Aran Afghan.  It is a monthly class where we work on a square – a lot of fun and laughs and a very low pressure way to tackle a somewhat intimidating, large project!  Here are two of my contributions.  I actually knit the spider one twice while test knitting a yarn …..


Janet Martin Fish Square


Judy Summer Spider & Bugs Square

6 thoughts on “Actual Knitting Content!

    • thanks Vicki — the square can also be used for pillows, perhaps a spider pillow in your future? you could do a whole series of spider squares ……..

  1. I miss you! Wasn’t one of the sinks pink? Or something? Need a photo. You are so brilliant. They would also be good birdbaths, no?

    Gale Zucker reports that there is a pick your own lavender farm just west of Orient on North Fork. Are you available?????????

    • Hi Kay!! I could definitely become available for lavender picking. It sounds so very Mr. Darcy ……. wonder if Cara has lavender needs?

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