dog days indeed

So, JOHNFALCONE and I are both off from work this week.  I had originally wanted to take a beginner glass blowing class together, but there were no beginner classes on the schedule this week.  We then considered some kind of Erie Canal cruise, but that sort of fizzled out.  We settled on staying the hell home for the first part of the week and then driving upstate to visit D#1 and my brother and SiL.  We had visions of lazing around, reading books, filling ourselves with G & T’s and generally thrilling to doing absolutely nothing.

We are two days into our staycation and here it is so far:

  • frustrating run in with shady appliance repairman that ended with JOHNFALCONE just fixing the damn oven.  When I called their customer service to complain about waiting 8 hours for a shyster to show up at my door, I was hung up on!  I suppose my mistake was expecting manners after their so-called service.  So I spent the better part of one of my vacation mornings leaving vehement google reviews, yelp reviews, any review I could.
  • surprise visit to the vet.  ugh.  Our Bridget is an old lady now and is not doing well.  Without getting all involved in the medical aspects, suffice to say at least she came home from this visit – so it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be.  But we are on the slippery slope.
  • a trip to the DMV is on tomorrow’s agenda.

although we are also heading for parts west & up tomorrow, so maybe things will improve.

I suppose it is a good thing we couldn’t take any glass blowing classes – it would have ended in a fiery mess for sure.

3 thoughts on “dog days indeed

  1. i sent you an email but not sure if you got it. so sorry about bridgie! considering our recent loss, we understand how you must be feeling. if you decide you don’t want to make the trip or want to cut it short, we understand. sil

  2. Glass Blowing…so cool, actually it is HOT, but COOL anyway…hehe
    Hope the little old lady is feeling better…they are alot tougher than we think.

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