P4260002I have finished the TSP. It is a secret no longer – although I still have not given them to the recipients! So if you are reading this R & P, one of these is for you!!!! confetti throwing, horns etc. It is a tote bag onto which I have transfereed the pig and purlingswine photo from the top of my page! In four short days, we are heading to Maryland for the Sheep & Fiber Festival more confetti and horns!! We are hoping to have a little game, along the lines of Where’s Waldo where you try and spot a knitting blogger. So with that in mind, I needed to come up with something for my logo.

I first tried doing this with an iron transfer. It is a special paper that you put through the computer printer. My daughter had used it for a project and it worked like a charm. Not so for me. Maybe it was the heaviness of the canvas material, but I ironed like crazy and could not get a single thing to transfer.

Then I remember this photo transferring medium I got from Michael’s over four years ago. It is made by the Plaid company and is called Picture It. You print out your picture remembering to flip the image so when it transfers, you can read the printing. Coat this with the stuff — it is the consistency of white glue and it goes on easily with a sponge brush. Then place it face down where you want it to be, smooth it out and let it dry for 24 hours. Once it is dry, you simply wipe away the paper with a wet sponge and voila!!

It was a simple project and I am happy with the way it came out. If you are going to be at the Festival, look for us — we are the ones with the nifty tote bags (full of yarn!)!!


4 thoughts on “TSP

  1. Ann, that looks AWESOME! I will keep both eyes peeled for them. :)

    My bag is ready too, but my file server is down, so no pics today. If it isn’t up tomorrow I will have to resort to Yahoo pics!

  2. Wonderful creation! I am very excited for you. Fill me in on all the wonderful details of your “road trip” when you get back. Be afraid, be very afraid….the “swine” is loose!!!

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